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Experience higher conversions through customer initiated inbound calls and warm transfer phone calls with pre-qualified, ready-to-engage customers. Available for Medicare Advantage & DSNP, Health Insurance (ACA), and Final Expense.

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Man takes notes on warm call transfer to qualify the lead

Step Out of the Cold to Make Connections Ready to Convert

Converting cold calls into meaningful sales can be frustrating and resource-intensive, often resulting in low conversion rates and wasted efforts. Many businesses find themselves stuck in inefficient cycles, reaching out to leads who are not ready to engage or commit.

eQuoto offers a better approach to tackling these issues head-on with warm transfer calls and customer-initiated calls, ensuring that every interaction your team has is with a pre-qualified, interested party, significantly enhancing your conversion potential.

Enhance Your Sales with eQuoto’s Live Lead Transfer Services

Leverage our expertly managed customer-initiated inbound calls and warm transfer calls for higher conversion rates and optimized customer engagement.

Warm Call Transfers

Our team contacts potential leads to verify their interest and qualifications before connecting them directly to your team. This warm transfer ensures you engage only with pre-screened, highly interested prospects ready for deeper discussions.

Customer-Initiated Calls

We leverage strategic media buying on platforms like Facebook and Google to generate interest and prompt potential customers to initiate calls directly. This proactive customer engagement leads to higher conversion rates as callers are already interested and seeking your services.

High-Quality Lead Generation

Every lead is verified to ensure authenticity and readiness to engage. We meticulously prepare each lead before they reach you, ensuring that the connection is valuable and has a high potential for conversion.

Strict Compliance Standards

We adhere strictly to industry compliance standards to ensure all call practices meet regulatory requirements. This commitment protects your business and builds trust with your customers.

Targeted Advertising

Our expert media buying team ensures your ads reach the right audience at the right time. By targeting specific demographics and using data-driven strategies, we increase the effectiveness of the calls you receive.

Seamless CRM Integration

We integrate leads from warm transfers and customer-initiated calls directly into your CRM systems, ensuring seamless tracking and follow-up. This integration streamlines your sales process and maximizes lead management efficiency.

Live Call Transfer Services FAQ

Warm transfers involve our call center agents contacting potential leads first to ensure their interest and qualifications before connecting them directly to you. This method ensures that you speak only with leads who are informed, interested, and ready to engage, thereby increasing your conversion rates.

Customer-initiated calls occur when potential clients contact you directly after seeing eQuoto targeted advertisements. This approach ensures that every lead is self-motivated and has a higher likelihood of conversion since they’ve taken the first step on their own.

Absolutely. We seamlessly integrate all call data into your existing CRM systems, enabling effective lead management and follow-up. This helps keep your sales process organized and ensures no potential client is overlooked.

We adhere strictly to the latest industry regulations, including data protection and privacy laws, ensuring that all call practices are compliant and secure. This commitment protects your business and builds trust with your clients.

Our call connection services focus on delivering high-intent interactions through both warm transfers and customer-initiated calls. By engaging with pre-qualified leads and motivated individuals, our approach significantly enhances the effectiveness of your sales strategy and improves conversion outcomes.

Real Success Stories from eQuoto’s Partners

Hear directly from our clients about how eQuoto’s strategies have transformed their businesses.


“I wholeheartedly recommend eQuoto for any lead generation needs. Over the past six years, my experience working with them has been exceptional. They are a pleasure to collaborate with, consistently displaying responsiveness, attentiveness, and remarkable helpfulness. The team’s dedication to delivering quality results is evident, making them a reliable partner for sustained success. I specifically commend Danny, Taylor, and Josh for their outstanding contributions, and I eagerly anticipate continuing our productive partnership with eQuoto.”


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